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A Walking Tour London Sketches of the City's Architectural Treasures

G. Byrne Bracken
Marshall Cavendish International
22.0 x 13.1 x 1.9

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Product Details

Without a doubt one of the world's greatest cities, London is inexhaustible in the riches it has to offer. And all its finest sights - from its Roman ruins, royal palaces, churches and abbeys, to the temples of commerce, street markets, parks and gardens - are, as many have learned, best discovered on foot.

Let author Gregory Byrne Bracken guide you through this complexity with a series of insider's tours specially designed to take in the very best of the city. Each of the walks, varying form an hour's duration to two, is packed with sights, and where one walk ends, the next one picks up - so make the most of your time in this great city. The stories of ambition, empire, love, death and creative genius will deepen your appreciation of London; the drawings will let you see its world-famous icons in an exhilarating new light. So whether you are just getting to know the city or reacquainting yourself with it, A Walking Tour London is your ideal companion.

Unique features

  • 14 fascinating walks through London's various districts, including The City, Westminster, Covent, Garden, Southwark and Chelsea
  • Special walk through the 2012 Olympics Park
  • Historical contexts, literary gossip, architectural wonders
  • Over 80 hand-drawn illustrations of the city's greatest sights
  • Detailed street maps
  • Architecture styles and terms explained
  • Recommendations for not-to-be-missed landmarks, night walks, best views, food and drink, and places to shop