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Who Are We?

At Beaglier Books, we curate our collection as carefully as an art gallery plans an exhibition.

In fact, some of our books are art works of themselves. We hunt out the most unique and intriguing titles from across the globe.

As a bunch of bookworms, we pride ourselves in filling bookshelves with a bespoke range that readers will cherish.

Our diverse collection traverses everything from cooking to craft, architecture to art, fashion, sport and travel, often appearing in Australia for the first time.

Discover adult books you’ll love, with a selection of fiction and non-fiction works that are thought-provoking and engaging, and beautiful coffee table books that will be thumbed through for years.

Explore educational titles and activity books aimed at children in the pre-kindergarten to five-year-old age bracket that have been adapted for the Australian market.

The Beaglier Books’ team is led by Claudine Zuker, and, with her husband David, the couple’s impressive global connections help uncover titles from an eclectic assortment of international and local publishers.

Claudine’s personal and professional background - as a mother of four children and qualified teacher with more than 30 years’ experience - ensures she has her finger on the book-buying pulse.

Since its launch in 2014, this Australian-owned and operated family business has proven its commitment to a genuinely personalised service, which makes doing business with their friendly, knowledgeable team a pleasure.

And they don’t just judge a book by its cover.

These book junkies lovingly chooses titles that feel good, look good and even smell good.

Beaglier Books is named in honour of Claudine and David's beloved designer dog (and office mascot), Millie. Because they hope their books will bring readers just as much joy as Millie does to all that meet her.


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