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Golf Architecture

Hardcover with Dust Jacket
Full-Swing Golf Publishing
20 x 26.5cm

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Golf course design is currently a very lucrative career, with new courses springing up all over the world, often in areas that don't posses the natural features and contours of courses of old and that have to be landscaped from the existing terrain. Have you ever thought about the placement of hazards on your home course, or wondered about the bunkering on a dogleg corner? Just what do the terms strategic, heroic and penal really mean for a golfer? Is the championship course the model for all? Golf is a game that turns even the weekend hacker into an armchair architect, an enthusiast for the possibilities of golf course design. Striking the balance between the natural form of the land and the eye of the artisan is the nub of golf architecture. The fourth volume of Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective incorporates forty-two absorbing and lavishly illustrated golf-architecture-based essays along with six picture essays. A must for students of golf course architecture and golf book collectors, who, collectively yearn for stimulating literature that extends beyond the short-lived thrill of the latest tip on swing technique.
The cool thoughts and heated passion expressed through Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective will make you a thinking golfer and enhance your enjoyment of the game.