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Perfect Palettes


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One of the most enjoyable and challenging tasks when approaching the decoration of any interior is the colour choice. The power to transform a room from the run-of-the-mill to the sensational with the application of the right paint and accessories is akin to twenty-first century alchemy. Some lucky people have the ability to visualise a finished room, and effortlessly gather together the elements needed. For the rest of us, it takes just a little more work and ingenuity to translate that sight of a field of sunflowers in southern Spain into a welcoming, sunny kitchen; or to pick the right colour from the overwhelming choice of 'off white' that paint manufacturers offer these days. That is where Perfect Palettes come in. This book is about making colour work, examining how colours interact with each other, which combinations never fail, which accent colour can transform a tried-and-tested, but maybe a little tired, formula into one that refreshes and excites.Taking inspiration from key designers and their personal colour philosophy, as well as drawing on her own experience and expertise, designer Stephanie Hoppen guides you through dozens of different palettes, with ideas for every room in the house. Real-life examples are accompanied by an analysis of how the colour scheme was put together, what makes it successful, what alternatives you could use, and how you could replicate it in your own home, with suggestions for specific commercially available paints to enable you to achieve the look you want. Colour is making a comeback. There is nothing like it for imbuing a space with energy, for provoking an emotional response -and for creating rooms you love to live in. Covering every shade in the decorator's repertoire, Perfect Palettes is a comprehensive collection of ideas and endless choices for using colour in your home.