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Discovering Crystals Crystals for Health, Healing & Happiness

Simon Lilly, Sue Lilly
Watkins Publishing LTD
27.0 x 22.0 x 4.0

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Product Details

Learn how to select and use the best crystal for every situation with this introductory kit featuring a fully illustrated book, eight crystals and a drawstring pouch. There are many ways in which crystals can be used to heal our spirit and enhance our lives, including laying them on or around our bodies, meditating with them or simply wearing them. And we can use crystals wherever we are – at home, in the workplace or even travelling between the two. 

kit explores all facets of crystal healing. Eight beautiful crystals have been specially selected to provide an array of health-giving benefits, from improving sleep to enhancing creativity and boosting energy levels. They include rose quartz for releasing emotional stress, sodalite to help purify the body and moonstone to encourage empathy. 

Additionally, the Discovering Crystals book provides at-a-glance information on crystals and explains all the ways in which you can use them. Clear photographs help you with identification while the text summarizes the key healing functions. This kit encompasses everything you need to bring the power of crystals into your life. 

About the Author

Simon and Sue Lilly have practised many types of alternative healing for more than 25 years, from colour therapy to flower essences. Committed to training crystal healers to professional standard, they have written nearly 20 books, including Crystal Healing and The Essential Guide to Crystals.