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Smoothies Flavoursome, Fresh and Fabulous!

Eliq Maranik, Alan Maranik (Illustrator)
25.5 x 20.4 x 1.9

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Product Details

Here comes the ultimate compendium for anyone waiting to be inspired to have fun in the kitchen with fruit and veg and create tasty, nutritious fruit drinks.Smoothies contains more than 100 recipes of all kinds, such as frozen summer smoothies, health-boosting juices and shots, or how about some lovely homemade fruit yoghurt? Fancy something less wholesome?

There are plenty of sinfully delicious milkshakes and desserts just waiting to be tested. Add some liqueur, and your smoothie turns into a seductive cocktail. Smoothies maintains a clear organic perspective throughout and aims to inspire the reader to think organically, locally and seasonally when buying fruit. The book offers you a complete guide to the fruit section in shops and supermarkets, and anyone who has ever asked themselves why we really bother eating fruit and veg will find a complete guide to fruit as a bountiful source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The book is full of advice on how to succeed with home blending as well as useful information of what to think about when choosing equipment. In short, a real bible for the fruit and veg lover - everything you need to know! 

About the Author

Eliq Maranik has always had a strong passion for fruit and vegetables and wants to inspire her readers to create healthy as well as delicious food and drink. She is the author of Grenadine's highly successful and award-winning The Cocktail Book, which has sold more than 9000 copies in Sweden and is now published in English