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Geez Mum, What Planet are You From? A Mother's Book of Wisdom

Denise Luboff
Melbourne Books

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I have been blessed with three sons and despite the fact that they are independent, functioning young men, I still found myself trying to advise them on how to live their lives - after all I am older, wiser and have had more experience in this life. But naturally they didn't need or want my input. My sons tell me that I always have an 'angle' - that I am always scheming to do things my way. How right they are. An idea was beginning... Last year for Mothers' Day I suggested that we reverse the usual procedure - instead of me being the recipient of a gift, I would give each of them a gift with all my love. I duly gave a copy of this to each of them, and so my book was born! How marvellous it was to be able to lavish and impart my pearls of wisdom without fear of being ignored or interrupted with a dismissive wave of the hand. What joy! What unbridled joy! Their individual responses were both touching and amusing. From the first son there was a rapid blinking of his eyes because 'the sun was too bright'. The second response was a reluctant broad smile from ear to ear of affirmation. The third and most rewarding was, 'Mum, even though this is a bunch of old-fashioned hog-wash, I'm going to keep it safe and pass it on to my own kids one day'. BINGO! And so, regardless of how this book may fare in the stores, the response of my sons has made it a personal unqualified success. That is why I'm sharing my book with the millions of mothers on this planet who DO know more and ARE wiser than their off-spring, but who are silenced swiftly and smartly before they can offer one single word of advice.