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It's A Dog's Life

Karolien Van Cauwelaert
Stitchting Koenstboek
150 x 210 x 12.7mm

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Until recently, pets were pets and pet owners were pet owners. But, all that has changed. More and more people treat their pets as child substitutes, calling themselves 'pet parents'. And for one's children, one buys only the best...Pets have become big business and pet accessories have moved from commodity retailing - purely functional objects - to lifestyle retailing. The wicker basket has become a luxurious bed, the kennel a mini house, the feeding bowl a designer item. Clothing, jewellery and even perfume have become everyday fare for lots of pooches. In this newly emerging market, the sky is the limit. In luxury pet boutiques the loving pet parent shops for fashion items such as hairpins and ribbons.The furniture industry also caters to this growing, cash-rich market sector and happily supplies all sorts of beds, chic designer kennels, baskets and more. And their food has not only become healthier, in comes in many varieties, accompanied by various sauces that will certainly whet the appetite of the pet parent himself. But it doesn't stop there: buggies are made for the short-legged, newspapers for the bored and wellness centres for the stressed out. Pets, that is.
In "Objects for Pets", this new, colourful and - it has to be said - sometimes silly trend is covered. Fashion items, furniture, food solutions and all kinds of frolics pass in review.