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Architecture of Entertainment LA in the Twenties

Robert Winter & Alexander Vertikoff
Gibbs Smith
25.5 x 21.5 x 2.0cm

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This is a little competition on this fascinating period of 'entertainment architecture'. It covers work by Neutra, Irving Gill, Frank Lloyd Wright, Alfred Loos and many more. The 1920s are a hugely popular period and whereas Paris and New York have been well documented, L.A. is just waiting to be discovered. This is a pictorial and descriptive overview of the architectural mileiu of LA in the 1920s, a time of dramatic change and burgeoning growth. The 1920s were a time of dramatic change and burgeoning growth in the City of Angels. Much of the varied architectural milieu of Los Angeles came to be during this decade, as the center of the city was planned and talented architects from around the world flooded into the area and competed for projects. It includes images of flappers, booze, and jazz combined with the escapist attitude that came to dominate the decade and led to much of the early-twentieth-century "escape" architecture of Los Angeles. In "L.A. in the Twenties", noted architectural historian and author Robert Winter explains this "architecture of entertainment" - the inherent beauty and mystery of the era when historic architectural styles became adventurous escapades. Architects covered in this book include Bertram Goodhue; Morgan, Walls and Clements; Allison and Allison; and Parkinson and Parkinson working in public architecture; as well as Frank Lloyd Wright and Wallace Neff working in residential architecture. Also included here are works from noted modernists Irving Gill, Alfred Loos, Richard Neutra, and others.